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Locomotive maintenance can be split into two major parts:-

            (1)       Boiler and pressure fittings, maintenance and repair 

            (2)       Mechanical maintenance and repair

Both these types of maintenance must be carried out by people who are deemed COMPETENT by the 5637 SLG and the host railway. A definition of a competent person is :-

This is a person who by either theoretical or practical training has the necessary ability and skills to carry out both boiler and mechanical steam locomotive maintenance and repair work in a safe manner. They will have the proper skills to identify any hazards/defects present, determine the risks they present to the workforce and the public. They will be able to make the correct and safe decisions based on their level of training and experience.

It is the 5637 SLG and host railway’s duty to ensure that a person is competent and fully authorised to carry out any work on 5637.

Photo: Chris Perkins
Barney and Matt carry out a boiler washout

A “MAINTENANCE LOG BOOK” has been created and must be used to log any work of any type being carried out on 5637 irrespective of how serious or trivial that work is deemed.

Typically, the LOG BOOK headings will be:-

1.   Date.

2.   Fault or maintenance activity or ‘non’ as the case may be.

3.   Diagnosis of the defect and investigative comments.

4.   The work carried out to render 5637 serviceable.

5.   Tradesman and supervisor. Printed names and signatures required.

6.   Independent 3rd party safety check required on all boiler work, live steam fittings and locomotive brake systems and component parts. Printed name and signature required.

7.   Does the fault/repair/ maintenance activity require a period of observation with the engine in service before being declared fully serviceable. If this is the case, what are the reasons and has the matter been made known to the Driver or other responsible person. Are their observations and comments required? To be declared SERVICEABLE by a competent person.

8.   Completion date

The Duty Driver will, on commencing his turn of duty, be advised of any outstanding repairs/defects or investigations and if required be asked to monitor and report back on them. On the cessation of his turn of duty, the off-going driver will either advise the new driver of any problems or place in writing in the MAINTENANCE LOG BOOK any defects/problems/comments encountered during his turn of duty. It is a requirement that the off-going driver must make comment in the log book even if only to state “NO FAULTS OR DEFECTS NOTED”.

Boiler and live steam fittings

A safety procedure has been published for this type of work. It must be adhered to at all times. Do not start work until this procedure has been read and understood.

Mechanical work

The people carrying out this work must have a skill level commensurate with the work being demanded of them, i.e. are they competent to do the work. Managers and supervisors must ensure the correct person is allocated the right type of work and exercise a proper level of supervision. Mechanical work covers a wide spectrum of activity across a variety of engineering disciplines.

All mechanical work must be of high standard with good locking/security practices and finish.

On completion of all types of work, 5637 must be in a fit and safe condition to work on the railway.






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